About Us

Africa Nesia International Limited(ANIL) is a specialist in consulting and capacity building organization, fully focused on, and driven by the business needs of its clients. ANIL supports private, public and non-government organizations for quick yet sustainable wins to corporate transformation programs. We strive to deliver sustainable real benefits to our clients by improving the performance, profitability and competitive positioning of their business needs.

Our consultancy and capacity building activities comprises a range of practices, each with its own unique specialism but with closely integrated interaction to enable us to truly satisfy our clients’ needs by providing a complete package. Our values are centered on value creation, do-it-yourself philosophy and collaboration. By forging excellent relationships with our clients, we promote client long-term independence.

We at ANIL are driven by strong vision to lead, in all areas that we operate in. We therefore treat every assignment, big or small with the seriousness it deserves. We leave nothing to chance, and we win most of the time. One of our key pillars of strength is our people.

Our team of highly competent in-house consultants works very closely with a carefully selected team of associate consultants to ensure we exceed our clients’ service expectations. The consultants that undertake our various assignments are the best in their areas of expertise and have over the years lived up to the promises we make to our clients.

Why choose us


We shall carry out our mandate according to stipulated procedures and regulations and in a timely manner.


We shall carry out our mandate with enthusiasm and energetically overcome any obstacles we encounter in the process.


We shall operate in an open and transparent manner with colleagues, business partners and the public.

Creativity and Innovation

We shall continuously explore new and better ways of fulfilling our mandate.


We shall all work in a coordinated manner as one family and support each other in fulfilling our mandate.


We shall demonstrate expertise, efficiency and competence in fulfilling our mandate.

Our Vision

We shall be the preferred choice in management service in the markets that we choose to operate in.

Our Mission

To prove the preferred choice in management service in the markets that we choose to operate in.

Our Motto

“Your Training Needs, Our Priority”.

Our Experience

Administrative Programmes 90%
Security Programmes 95%
Banking Programmes 87%
Finance Programmes 89%

Looking for a First-Class Training Consultant?